Music Contracting

Full Orchestras. Brass Quintets. Trombone Sections. More.


Brass Quintet

Hire the Coronation Brass, a brass quintet that specializes in ceremonial accompaniment. We offer more than twelve years of experience accompanying special occasion events.

The Coronation Brass playing with Wynton Marsalis at The Buckley School Graduation in 2015.
© Deborah Zeolla Photography

Trombone Section

Do you need a trombone section last minute or weeks ahead? I can put together trombones for any style of music: Alto, Tenor, Bass, and even Contrabass!

A top notch section in rehearsal.
© Jeff LaMarca

Full Orchestra

Do you need a full orchestra for your church cantata? Do you need strings for a recording? Professional connections allow me to put together a ensemble to fit your needs.

Big Band

I’ve only put together a big band once, but it was tight!

The Astoria Symphony Big Band in 2017

The time that goes into planning and preparing for a Christmas Cantata at St Mark’s United Methodist Church is crucial and can never be underestimated.

That is why I am so grateful to Gregory Briggler for contracting an orchestra, on average twenty pieces, for me, for the past seven years. Gregory gets the job done and in a timely manner.

The attendees to my concerts are always pleasantly amazed at the superb accompaniment the orchestra provides. This of course is a credit to Gregory for selecting talented musicians with excellent music skills.  The personal and professionalism he displays in doing this  must also be commended.

Oscar Stephenson, Music Director

St Mark’s United Methodist Church

Greg Briggler, in addition to being a wonderful trombonist, is a great contractor – he always engages players who are talented, professional, always prepared and fluent in whatever musical style is being performed.

David Leibowitz, Music Director

New York Repertory Orchestra

Let’s make music together!